Personally, I am lost when it comes to visually identifying furniture – unless it’s mid-century modern, I’m out! These have been helpful visual guides as I talk the talk of furniture styles in decorating my new home.

Blog love/shout out to Pulptastic and Tidbits & Twine!

Let’s start with the basics… dimensions and size. I love to sketch rooms while deciding what furniture belongs where, and this guide is helpful in giving a normal range of height, length, and width of typical furniture in the home.

While planning a room or entire home, these dimensions can be incredibly helpful in estimating space needed to complete a room without over or under filling it.


Couch styles

Common sofa or couch styles and their names. Learn to how to refer to your living room furniture like a pro. Good to know when you're dreaming/lusting or if working with people in the industry (Ie. upholsterers or designers).

On to the not-so-basic chair back styles

cheat. sheet.

Quick Chart Identification

Check out photos of the chairs in real life!

Styles of chair legs

tyles legs.3

And styles of “feet” (as in the feet of a chest of drawers)

tyles legs

All via Chicago Appraisers